5 Things to do to Prep your Car this Winter

Winter is coming, and so is the time for us to get set for the chilly weather. Right from readying winter clothing to finding ways to keep warm, there are plenty of things to do before winter sets in. Health is and will always be a priority during seasonal changes; however, this time try and ensure that your car feels warm and cozy too. Harsh climate isn’t good for your car’s health, so get your car a health check up!

Keep winter supplies handy

One of the most important thing you can do for yours and your car’s safety is to keep a box full of winter supplies in your trunk. Here’s a quick list of items: flashlight, road flares, first-aid kit, a few blankets, warm pair of clothes, gloves, a spare charged phone and energy drinks/snacks.

Check tire pressure

It is recommended to have tire pressure checked once a month. During winter, tire pressure may drop making it underinflated which eventually affects the performance of a car. Your best bet is to refer to your car owner’s manual to check the recommended tire pressure level that needs to be maintained. If you’re living in a particularly cold icy region, you should consider buying winter tires.

Put those batteries to the test

Batteries lose charge significantly in cold weather and so having your car batteries examined is really important. This is an ideal time to ensure that your car batteries are game for optimized performance. Also, ensure that you have jumper cables to kickstart your car in case you’re caught unaware in a winter storm.

Check if engine oil or coolant needs changing

When cold weather sets in, consider switching to an oil with a lower viscosity. Additionally, you need to check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels against the recommendations in your car’s manual. Take necessary measures to ensure that all these fluids are at their optimal levels.

Watch out

What’s the point of a windshield wiper fluid if it’s just going to freeze on the windshield? Don’t let your windshield wiper fluid become one of your worst winter mistakes. Rather, go for a winter-friendly wiper fluid. Also, ensure that the defrosters are in proper working order for better visibility.

It’s pretty evident that it takes some effort to prepare a car for winter but these precautionary measures will definitely help keep technical challenges at bay. To enjoy this cool weather even more, get your car covered with a car insurance this winter. If there is a car mishap, motor insurance will step in and take care of your car for you!