7 Major Types Of Caravans You Can Consider To Import From The UK To Australia

Importing caravans to Australia from the UK and USA has become extremely popular in last some years because of reduced duties and an extensive range of available manufacturers.

If you want to import a caravan from the UK from a caravan importers Australia like Dazmac Logistics, it’s advisable to know about the various available types so that you can choose the one that is the most suitable to you.

1. Conventional Caravan

Most of the caravans have a single axle and are from 3 to 6.5 metres in length inside. Based on the interior layout, 2 to 6 people can sleep inside. They usually have a washroom, typically with a basin, shower and toilet, and also a kitchen equipped with work surfaces, sink, hob and other necessities.

Most of the new caravans running on the roads of the UK have been manufactured by British manufacturers; however, Continental, and also some American, caravans are becoming more and more popular.

Also there are several outstanding used caravans on the market with a lot of life in them, although their manufacturers might have stopped trading.

Image Courtesy: caravanjunction.co.za

2. Twin Axle Caravan

Heavier and larger caravans may have twin axles, which make them easier to tow on the road and more stable, though more difficult to manoeuvre when you are pitching on site or taking them back for storage.

3. Tiny Teardrop Trailers

These stylish tiny trailers are the favourites of people who wish to tow with a small vehicle. They can be towed usually by sports cars, classic cars and even trikes without any problem.

Accommodation in these trailers is usually basic with a double bed that covers the whole floor. Some of them have basic cooking facilities and a room to carry equipment and kit.

4. Pop Top Caravans

With their popularity reduced much today than once it was, pop tops feature a lifting roof to provide standing headroom in a caravan that is small otherwise. This means that the caravan has a smaller frontal area while towing, which in turn means less drag and a better consumption of fuel in your tow car.

These can be stored hidden in a garage of conventional height at home.

5. Tiny GRP Caravans

Certain compact GRP (commonly called fibreglass) caravans are available on the market, such as the Freedom caravan range.

Freedom caravans are low-priced, small caravans that are constructed in Poland. Their one part, plastic body reinforced with glass, is unique and long lasting which means these caravans hold their value well.

Fittings inside may be quite basic which means that they are also pretty light as compared to no-luxuries spared premium units. However, on the whole, these small caravans have offered a value-for-money and comfortable start in the world of caravanning for thousands of families.

6. Folding Caravans

A small folding caravan is amazing to look at when you unfold the low trailer into a fully equipped, full height caravan.

Folding caravans are simpler to tow and store, though they have to be erected on site each time when you camp, which can be a bit time-consuming and also a little more inconvenient than a conventional caravan.

In such a condition, it’s only you who can decide if the advantages overshadow the disadvantages for you.

Image Courtesy: vintagecaravans.proboards.com

7. The Stylish T@B

This innovative German caravan has become a retro style symbol since it was launched around ten years back. The accommodation is a bit compromised by the outside curves; so, you won’t get much space for overhead locker storage, for example.

Nevertheless, it features a compact kitchen, a big double bed and room to accommodate a small chemical toilet and it’s lightweight to tow.

So, by knowing about all these types, you can find the best one for you. You can use a versatile service for your boat export USA from Dazmac Logistics for importing your caravan from the UK to get a trustworthy service.