Choosing the Best Boom Lift Rental for Your Needs

Boom lift, whether it’s the truck-mounted type or the spider lift kind, is a need in various types of industries. This is used in various types of installations and inspections, roofing, brickwork, window cleaning, construction and highway work, and so many more. If you require someone to work at heights, boom lifting is definitely the safest and most efficient way to go.

Truth be told, there are only a few companies who offer this service. But that doesn’t make the choosing process easier. So how do you find the best boom lift rental company? Read on…

IPAF Certification

See to it that the company IPAF-certified. IPAF or the International Powered Access Federation is the body which upholds the safe and effective use of all powered access among manufacturers, distributors, rental, training, and users. They ensure that the design and manufacture of all equipment are safe through testing and ascertain that users have been properly trained.

PAL Card

See to it that the operators hired by the rental company have a PAL or Powered Access License Card. This is also given by IPAF to individuals who have undergone IPAF-certified training and have passed all the examinations provided.

Varied Equipment to Choose From

Companies offering boom lift for rent should have a wide array of IPAF-certified equipment for clients to choose from. As you might have noticed above, there are two different categories of boom lifts. Each would have specific heights for the particular job that needs to be accomplished.

  • Truck Mounts – range from 65 feet to 230 feet in height and up to 115 feet for side reach.
  • Spider Lifts – this versatile equipment may be used on uneven terrain and even through narrow spaces.

Special Attachments for Special Tasks

Aside from the basic equipment, companies offering boom lifts should also be ready with certain attachments which clients may need for particular jobs. Some basic ones include the following:

  • Telescopic cages – lifts at least 6 people comfortably, allowing them to work at any heights safely.
  • Movable controls – cage control boxes can be installed around the cage, reachable but out of the way of the operator.
  • Cage winches – for the lifting of additional materials.
  • Camera mounts – often used for inspections but also used by those in broadcasting, concerts, movie productions, among many others.
  • All-wheel drive – particularly for truck-mounted lifts; so that it can be used on various terrains.

Fair Pricing and Quotes

Renting these equipment does not come cheap. Overhead expenses and maintenance will cost a lot, after all. But good companies always offer fair pricing. The best ones also offer estimates. Go for those always so you have an idea how much you will be spending.

There are just five factors which you need to take note of when looking for a boom lift rental company. But these five are enough to help you choose the right one for your needs.