5 Signs That Your Brakes Are Going

Unless there’s some sort of sabotage, brakes rarely go out without warning. Usually, you’ll notice tell-tale signs of brake trouble long before complete failure. Any level of difficulty is a danger to yourself, your passengers and other vehicles on the road. Taking care of the problem is as simple as calling for a brake service quote and subsequent repairs.

Not sure if there’s a problem with your brakes? Read on to learn when to look and listen.

Is Your Brake Light On?

This is an obvious early sign to have your car serviced. New vehicles have pretty reliable, almost intuitive technology. However, older cars and trucks or autos may not have reliable sensors, or any warning light at all.

Do You Experience Erratic Movement When Braking?

There are two types of erratic vehicle operation when the brakes are going bad, and each means a different problem. The first is vibration, shaking or wobbling in the steering column when applying the brakes. Usually, it means that the rotors are worn, causing uneven brake application. It only takes a difference in thickness of the merest fraction of an inch to cause wobbling or erratic behavior. This shouldn’t be confused with wobbling or bouncing when the brakes are applied. That’s usually the shocks.

The second is pulling to one side when slowing to a stop. It’s often a sign of uneven application on one side over the other. The majority of the time the brake calipers are to blame.

Is There Fluid Leaking?

Fluid leaks are a symptom of a breech in the master cylinder or somewhere in the brake lines. You may notice puddling after the vehicle is parked, a trail of fluid when driving, and ‘soft’ performance when braking.

Does Your Car or Truck Make a Lot of Noise When Applying the Brakes>

Screeching or grinding is a sign of worn brakes pad, discs or rotors.

Is Braking Difficult?

Do you have to apply more pressure than usual to get the brake to work? Do they feel mushy or soft? These and signs like stiffness at first, and then the brake pedal suddenly moving quickly to the vehicle floor are all sign s of trouble.

If you’re not sure that your brakes are safe, don’t take chances. A visit from a mobile brake repair tech could save more than just money.