Choose High Quality Tires & Helmets For Safe Rides

ATV owners have to know the type of terrain which they frequently ride before they can determine on the type of tire for their ATV. The tire you choose for dune riding will not be suitable for a motocross track. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the proper tires and wheels for ATVs.

There are basically 5 types of tires.

  • All-purpose tiresfor ATVs are for riding on non-extreme road conditions with intermediate grip for general riding throughout the year round.
  • Sand tires for ATVs are usually for riding in the deserts or beaches.
  • Mud tires for ATVs have deep and thick lugs to provide traction in the muddy condition.ATV Mud tires have great grip.The large knobs are like shovels to move mud and snow.
  • Motocrosstires for ATVs have strong lugs and tread design without grabbing hold of the track is the ideal tire for racing around loose conditions tracks.
  • Off road tires for ATVs is quite similar to the all-purpose tires but with stronger tread and extra durability to tackle hard surfaces and soft, loamy dirt commonly found on off road tracks.

All tires need regular checks before and after every off-road ride. Checks for cracks and discoloured tire with worn down knobs which will mean that there is a need for a change of new tires. Always maintain the correct tire pressure before every ride for better tire care and longer durability.ATV tires have a shelf life of about four to five years from the manufacturer date.

Never ride your ATV without wearing a protective, safety helmet. A helmet is the most important piece of riding gear an ATV rider should wear. Wearing a helmet or not wearing one can be a matter of life or death in case of a skid or fall. Modern day helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear and have high quality properties against damage for the rider’s protection and safety.

Many of the modern off-road helmets are also very well ventilated. For your own safety and protection, it is advisable to buy good quality helmets and not be tempted to buy cheap and of lower quality helmets. Always remember to choose helmets that meet the safety requirements. Get the best deals on motorcycle helmets by visiting the different auto parts and accessories websites to check out the good quality branded helmets and also comparing the prices from different websites.