Get The Best Deals While Renting A Bigger Vehicle

One thing that everyone cares about while making a purchase or renting an item is to get the best deal out there without overpaying. While you are renting a UTE or a van, there are some factors that you should look out for that could significantly change the cost of the rental service.

Respectable company

In today’s world, everyone is thinking about making a quick profit, which is why it is very important to look out for companies that have a bad reputation of inserting cunning deals into the contracts. Quite often you will be charged for some services that you did not agree upon because let’s are honest, nobody ever reads those few pages of terms and conditions as it would usually take too much time.

That is why you should consider hiring Go With The Gecko or your local company with a similar reputation, that is known for not taking advantages of their customers. Sometimes it is better to go to a smaller company than a new bigger one if the offers are less shady looking. While many newer companies offer more options, they are usually bundled into a more expensive package.

Always pick a reputable company when you are renting

Avoid big brands

One of the most common mistakes that people make while making any kind of transaction is to consider that everything with a big brand name is a really good product. While that might have been the case a few decades ago, today, usually the less known companies are the ones who provide better service.

That is most likely because the bigger companies are focused on mass production as people already know that they make good products, while the smaller companies really put their care into their products since they want to make a good first impression towards their future customers.


While UTEs usually don’t really vary that much in size, vans definitely do and that has a significant impact on the renting price. It is common sense that the bigger the van the more expensive it is, however, sometimes it really depends on the rental company as their stock can have an impact on their pricing.

Overall, while it is always the best to go for a bigger van as you will be able to put more of your things for transportation, it is very cost effective if you measure all of your items so you can orient the spacing needs and get a van closest to the size that you actually need. If you are transporting a couple of big items, you might want to add a little bit extra in order to avoid the concern of packing too perfectly.

Choose between same vans in various sizes

Extra time

If you decide to go for vans and UTE hire Melbourne from Go With The Gecko or probably any rental company really, the pricing per day drops the longer you rent a vehicle. While it does seem counterproductive to the whole saving idea to rent it for an extra day that you might not even need, it is always better to be safe you avoid the extra fee in case you actually do need it.

Final Word

The most important thing to look out for while renting a vehicle is to actually read the contract that you are given before you decide to sign it. Usually, companies have some kind of bundles that the majority wants, and sometimes you simply won’t be interested in those small inclusions that will still bump up the overall price, especially as they stack up if you are renting for a longer period of time.