Herb Vaporizer Vs. Concentrate Vape Pens

   There’s a lot of decision making that needs to be done when shopping for a vape. Some people need an herb vaporizer to turn their regular ol’ bud into vapor, and others need a device that can help them quit smoking cigarettes on top of helping them get a hit of THC. There are a few options to choose from if you need something that can handle herb, concentrates, and e-liquids, but generally it’s better to get optimal performance for whatever you plan on vaping the most. That is, if your budget can afford it. The more features a vaporizer is packed with, the more likely it is to experience some sort of technological failure. Whether it’s an issue with the coil, battery, atomizer, chamber or whatever it is, the more things a device is designed to do the higher chance there is for issues like this. That’s why, if possible, I’d recommend choosing between an herb vaporizer and a concentrate vape pen. There are some great herb vapes that work well with concentrates, but it’s rare that they also function with e-liquids. Whereas if you prefer concentrates in general, most vape pens designed for concentrates can easily be used for vaping e-liquids with nicotine, CBD, or other substances.

Herb Vaporizers


The advantage in owning an herb vaporizer lies mostly in the fact that you can have more control over what kind of cannabis high you’re getting. Between having the freedom to choose the strain of marijuana, and the temperature you vaporize it at, you can create a very personal and unique vaping experience. Over time, with some trial and error, you can find exactly what you like for specific effects. For example, you might find that a strain like Mango Haze vaped at a low temperature creates a very uplifting but subtle high, compared to a high temperature session of Platinum OG to knock yourself out at night.

Concentrate And E-Liquid Vape Pens


If you prefer to get pure potent THC, concentrate solutions are perfect. Some people experience awful side effects when consuming too much straight THC, but if you’re fortunate enough to not have a problem with this you can get a lot of value out of a vape pen for dabs. If you’re not picky about the kind of high you’re getting, a vape pen also allows you to experiment with different kinds of flavored or unflavored e-liquids.