Manual or automatic driving?

Well, Maruti Baleno provides both options. The manual variant is suitable for those who don’t stress while driving while the automatic modification is an excellent pick for those who live in congested cities and stress while driving. In case automatic is your thing, you are lucky. The Baleno automatic has a CVT transmission, which surpasses other cheap AMT functions fitted in most vehicles. The features ensure a smooth and jerk-free drive. It does not operate on a synchromesh gearbox. The CVT uses the process of pulleys and shafts. While choosing between manual and automatic, consider fuel efficiency. The automatic variant takes a toll on fuel, especially the CVT. So, make a wise decision.

The Belano manual is among the best cars Maruti has deployed. As you drive, the engine feels much better than in the Swift. Besides a competent machine, the car’s epic frontal visibility, lighting, steering and up notch ergonomics makes it an excellent city commuter.

Manual Belano is faster than the Jazz and the i20 models making it the best pick for an epic high way performance. You are also privileged with linear power delivery. Through the rpm range, the 1.2-liter petrol stays refined. You can feel over 4,000 rmp. If you an enthusiast, the engine high rpm sound notes will redefine your drive.  Driving a manual Baleno has never been easier. You effortlessly press the light clutch, you can smoothly operate the smooth gearshift, and you swiftly slot into the right gear.

For those who love motorized vehicles, Baleno’s CVT variance is a convenient city car especially if you have to deal with traffic jam. For a seamless move, make sure the pedal inputs are light. Just like other CVTs, driving an automatic Baleno is butter smooth. If you are caught bumper to bumper in traffic, take your foot off the brake pedal, and avoid the accelerator input. The car wills gently craw forward. Traffic jams can be tedious, and by, saving your effort, this trick prevents fatigue. As long as you are gentle on the accelerator, throttle response at city speed is good.  Generally, with the light steering and comfortable front seats, the automatic Baleno is perfect for a breeze city drive. However, if you press the accelerator very hard, you will feel like a jerk.

Unlike the manual Baleno, the CVT is not impressive in the highway. When you drive hard, you feel the infamous rubber band effect. When you step on the accelerator pedal, the engine revs to 6,000 rpm, but the car’s speed slowly increases yet the engine is screaming. It is quite heartbreaking because there is a lot of noise and no progress. When you accelerate hard, level the throttle and press again, you will notice how slowly the power comes in. Driving the Baleno CVT in a fast expressway is not as fascinating.  The gearbox should not be overworked, and you cannot just overtake. You have to plan carefully. If it is too dull, you can engage the CVT sports mode for a better response to throttle and a faster increase in speed. The CVT sports feature is better for a highway drive but is very far from being sporty.