Mekong River Cruises for your Solo Traveler

Lately, traveling the earth for Boomers and pre-Boomers has become really a birthright instead of a privilege. For pretty much anybody over the age of 55, travel has turned into a way of existence in addition to their appetite for travel and phone with new destinations can’t be pleased with their parents “Kodak” moment. Rather, the over 55, former European back-packer is becoming inclined to require something a bit more exotic where they could immerse themselves inside the destination which is people, returning with moments and remembrances that keep going for a lifetime.

For a number of great reasons, most likely probably the most needed journeys for couples from the age group is Southeast Asia as well as the mighty Mekong River that knives its way through Vietnam and Cambodia. But, how is this outstanding, safe and extremely affordable trip essentially forgotten by those who travel solo?

Will it function as the first images that come to mind if you consider Cambodia and Vietnam harken to the time of the infamous Khmer Rouge, the Viet Cong, the Hanoi Hilton, the ultimate Marine helicopter departing the American Embassy in Saigon – images and scenes recounted inside the many documentaries and flicks relating to this tragic period inside our history? We don’t think so.

That conflict is finished 35 years formerly and today’s Cambodia and Vietnam, while still bearing some scars in the period, have managed to move on much like Japan did after World war ii. Today are both getting a rebirth in several areas, particularly in travel, as individuals from around the world find this hidden jewel, it’s incredibly hospitable people, their wealthy cultural heritage, as well as the beautiful natural scenery shared by both of these countries… why have solo travelers not discovered this jewel?

Listed here are a couple of perceived reasons it isn’t on nearly all solo travelers “bucket list.”

It’s a extended approach to travel alone- According to your geographical area, it is a extended way having a minimum of 1 connection. The type in the destination helps it be well worth this minor annoyance and you’ll find frequent flights by a lot of the major U.S. airlines. It’s a small cost to pay for such question.

It’s pricey and hard to setup- In the event you travel solo, this trip cost as much as $7500 excluding your airfare, though an affordable river cruise, that cost drops dramatically. Solo travelers pays under $3500 for just about any comprehensive 2-week cruise & tour program visiting the outstanding highlights of Southeast Asia. Better yet, almost everything is incorporated within your inexpensive, even all of your sightseeing excursions, gourmet meals plus much more.

I don’t speak the text- nor do 98% of people visiting the region. Another wonderful benefit of a river cruise is that you simply travel with like-minded, similar aged couples and singles. And, your touring is conducted in tiny groups along with your shipmates. All river cruiselines use British speaking guides for individuals complimentary touring. And, if you spend time shopping, or while using local foods, you will notice that almost everyone who interacts with vacationers speaks British.

I won’t get sound advice or items to see- Organizing your Mekong River Cruise getting an expert travel company which focuses on river cruise vacations will quickly remedy that. Additionally, there are numerous excellent overview and historic guide books you can buy.

I would not feel safe traveling by yourself – The U.N. reports that Vietnam and Cambodia may be two safest places in the world to visit. Individuals are content, well given and love American tourist… and did we’re saying you won’t believe how long your dollar goes. And, another wonderful part of a river cruise/tour is always that when you are getting towards the ship, you’re among about 60 U.S. and Canadian travelers and from alone. The cruise line does an admirable job of handling the trip and you must do is focus on the experience, your photography and meeting new buddies.