Quick Reminder of Things to Check before a Trip

A motorhome would be a big investment. It would require adequate protection and care for life. A number of motorhome enthusiasts would cause more damage to leisure vehicles at campsites, as compared to anywhere else. However, you would leave aside some sort of damage caused by campsites that would be cramped for space. At such places, the possibility of scrape or rear overhanging being damaged while parking would be a common issue. Nonetheless, find below motorhome checklist before a trip for enthusiasts. It would be a quick reminder of things to check every time you drive away for an excursion.

    • Is the motorhome hooked up properly?
    • Are there any windows left open?
    • Have you turned off the gas?
    • Are the stabilizers down?
    • Is the fridge put to battery settings?
    • Are there any objects likely to slide?
    • Are the awnings attached successfully?

Need for unplugging the electrical source

A majority of things would be obvious to check. Nonetheless, numerous motorhome owners would fail to check these minor issues and cause damage to their motorhome. In case, you were on a campsite, probability is higher you would be hooked up to the electrical source available on the campsite. In case, you were driving off while still plugged into the electrical source, you could damage the connection point located on the vehicle. You could also damage the lead attached to the electrical source.

Need for closing the windows

In case, you forget to check the windows, inclusive of the lights on the roof, before you start the journey, you would save significant money on replacing the windows damaged by the wind. It would be pertinent to mention here that driving at high speed would damage the open windows.

Need for turning down the stabilizers

A majority of motorhomes would come equipped with rear stabilizers to steady the van for reducing the rocking motion, especially when the van is parked. It should be down when you actually drive away. When driving the vehicle with stabilizers down would ruin both the ground and the campsite along with the stabilizers.

Need for switching off the gas

Although, a majority of vehicles would come equipped with safety mechanisms. These would cut the gas flow when driving. However, some people would look forward to switching off the gas supply manually before they actually drive off. It would help you reduce the risk of leakage of gas with something hitting the gas pipes and puncturing it.

Need for fridge to be on battery

In case, the fridge is not on battery, you would not have cold fridge items during your journey. However, a majority of fridge in the motorhomes would be on gas, battery on electricity.

Check to detach the awnings

In case, the awnings would be attached to the motorhome, you would suffer great damage to the vehicle and the motorhome. The best mode would be to adjust your mirrors before driving away. It would be in your best interest that you should inspect the vehicle completely before driving away.

These tips would be imperative for a safe and secure motorhome driving experience.