Three Important Factors That Determine Window Replacement Cost

Whether you are replacing windows because you want to or because you are compelled to do so by the deteriorating state of the windows, budgeting for the window replacement cost is imperative. In so doing, you should be looking for the most inexpensive way to do it. However, sometimes remember cheap is very expensive and don’t compromise the quality of replacement in a bid to save.

The most crucial thing is that you know where your money is going to. Also remember that with best window companies, the variations in price also shows the variation in efficiency. See link here for more information.

  1. The Type of Installation

There are two major installation types:

  • Full frame installation-In this type of installation the entire old window is removed, and all the studs surrounding it. This way, the installers can check on moisture issues. The custom windows to be installed come with own exterior brick moulds, interior trim, and the jambs.
  • Retro installation- In this type of installation which is also called an insert installation, the new windows are inserted in the old existing frames. The jambs are not interfered with.

Full frame installation is more expensive than retrofits installation. The former is more exhaustive and takes care of all issues within the windows and the features surrounding it. On average, retrofit window replacement cost is 10-15% lesser than full frame replacement.

  1. Different Window Styles

Just like the two window installation types, there are also two types of windows:

  • Crank windows- These come in awning or casement style. Their operation is through a crank and is opened away from the frame.
  • Sliding windows-They either come in a horizontal slider or a hung. The part that opens move inside the frame and it is moved by hand. Differently, from the crank, these windows have a weather-stripping at the meeting point of the frame and the sash. However, this is not efficient as the compression seal found in crank windows. Your guess is as right as mine; the crank is more expensive than sliding windows. Though you can still get some considerable comfort with sliders, casement windows are the best take for most homeowners. The average replacement cost for casement windows is 10-15% higher than sliding windows.
  1. Additional Features and Customizations

Technological advancement has contributed to improved performance of windows because you can include more features on your windows.

  • Low E-coating- this helps minimize heat loss from the house and protect the interior from hazardous UV rays that can cause damages and fading of home elements.
  • Endur Insulating Glass Spacer- This joins the glass panes together into a single unit. They are made from a synthetic elastomer.
  • Gas fills-Most glass units which are insulated are filled with gas. Gas fills boost energy efficiency, minimize heat loss, and reduce condensation. Triple pane windows are best because the additional pane can hold more gas. As seen here all these extra features add to window replacement cost.

As a result of these additional modifications which ensure enhanced energy efficiency, the cost of replacing windows such as triple pane cost as high as 20% more than standard windows.