Useful Tips to Apply Caulking on Windows and Doors

As doors and windows work for a long time, they start to encounter cracks and gaps that lead to greater amount of water, air and insects getting into the homes. Here, most of the contractors suggest to go for caulking because it is the only way to maintain appearance and performance of the entire property. Owners usually hesitate to apply this approach because of their limited knowledge and lesser exposure to latest modifications. They couldn’t anticipate the impact of caulking until they decide to give this method a try.

Once decided, the next step is to know how to caulk windows and doors properly and enjoy the benefits. Experts have mentioned some of the key tips that may seem to be simple but have a significant impact over how the units work:

  • Temperature Check: When it comes to an effective installation technique, homeowners should never choose winter for the project because as the temperature goes below the freezing point, nothing would favor caulking in any way. Even, humid summers do not support in giving the desired results. So, what is the ‘right’ time for caulking? The answer is, when the temperature is warm i.e. 450F or above.
  • Preparation of the Area: Before anything happens, be sure that the entire place is dry and clean. Remove old caulking or paint with a sharp tool and apply solvent to remove stubborn residues. Now wait for some time until the place dries and then apply a new layer of caulking on windows and doors.
  • Choose Caulk Wisely: Homeowners should remember that caulking is available in a wide variety, which varies from one property to the other. Mostly, they are left with two choices- acrylic and silicone. From an expert’s point of view, it’s better to avoid acrylic because it shrinks over time and opens cracks for air and moisture to seep in. It needs to be applied periodically or else, consequences would be worse. So, better to apply silicone.
  • Technique is Important: The key to apply caulking is to hold the gun properly. Whatever be the depth or situation of cracks, it is necessary to position the gun at a 450 angle so that there would be no air bubbles. Avoid pauses or interruption while caulking. Go from one corner to the other in one round and see the smoothness received.
  • Fill the Gaps/Cracks: Caulking is of no use if it doesn’t fill the cracks. Homeowners should apply enough caulking that could cover the entire place and sticks properly. However, if it comes out from any place, use a knife to fill the place again.
  • Use the Right Tools: In order to make caulking effective and long lasting, homeowners must have more tools than just a gun. To fill big gaps, use a backer rod to fill most of the space. Use a knife to avoid mess across the place. For smooth caulking, use fingers and make sure that it remains neat with no gaps or lumps.

By following these simple tips, it would be quite easy for homeowners to apply caulking on doors and windows in any room they want.